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“ Education is not preparing for life, education is life itself”. These words of John Dewey perfectly describe our aim at college education. Besides providing a sound education, Poornima Group wish to provide its students a holistic learning experience for life through technical events like AADHAR. Its important to know that ‘learning is more important than studying’,thereby AADHAR is organized every year by the Zircon Club to inculcate practical skills in students. Being an engineer, it is a crucial need of today’s era to become technologically and practically sound. All the activities taking place at the event helps you to gain practical knowledge.

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The future is now


The fog of war is coming upon you, master your techniques and take the victory by completely destroying the opponent’s bot. Gear up to witness the most happening fights between the live bots and expand the borders of your knowledge by bringing up the most versatile robots. The bots can be autonomous or manually driven as per the choice of the participants.


Robowar is a combat robotics championship, where two custom‐built machines use varied methods of destroying or disabling the other. Robowar promises to be an ultimate battlefield where the bots fight for life, and in the end it is going to be “Survival Of The Fittest’’. Here at Robowar, we bring forth you Darwin’s Theory Of Natural Selection being applied to the non‐living. When all the bots perish into the grave it would be one bot that stands up to all the challenges to become the ultimate combat bot



The aim of every match is to demolish and immobilise the other bot completely. Duration of each match will be 5 minutes. Maximum of 2 time outs of 30 seconds each are allowed during which teams can relocate their bots, but are not allowed to make any changes in the bot. Striking should be done to the body parts only, communication cable or motor should not attacked. Direct hit to the motors and communication cable of the opponent’s bot is not allowed. If communication cables of both bots get entangled and both bots can’t move, then time out will be given to both teams to straighten wires and bots will be placed back in same positions. If after completion of both the rounds, no bot is able to demolish the other bot, winner will be selected after evaluating the damage incurred to both the bots. Any change in the rules by the judge shall be intimidated to the teams in the event arena.

COORDINATOR - Piyush Yadav


The knack of fusing technology with sports seems to be an inherent quality among us, and to celebrate this very spirit, we hail this event known as RoboSoccer. Heading towards the horizon of survival, the army of robots will battle to score the maximum number of goals. Here we bring up an event that will bring a chill to your spine through expeditious speed and techniques of the bots.


The event is fragmented into 3 rounds. First round will be a bonus round and the other two will be an eliminating one. It is to be noted that, all robots should have easily visible and controlled mobility in order to compete without involving and grabbing mechanism in their bots. The event will be conducted in an arena and each participating team has to control their bots with such efficiency that the bots can put the ball in opponents’ goal post.



The robot can be up to 30×30×30cm in dimension.

DC Power supply of 12V, 2A will be provided.

The robot will get input signals wired/wireless from outside the arena.

Only one team member can control one robot throughout the event. So, at one time, only two team members will be controlling the robots.

No readymade components should be employed in making the robot. (Except controllers) .

The robot should not damage the field Damaging/harming the arena may lead to disqualification.

In case of wireless robot, it should contain its own power supply.

Decision of the event organizers shall be treated as final and binding on all and cannot be contested.

COORDINATOR -Raunak Tiwari


Build a manually controlled robot capable of traversing over irregular terrains with deep gaps in between, by crossing and bridging them and pick up the objects from accident zone and place back at safe zone.


The way you enter, the way you proceed, the way you reveal your speed to others begins here at the enthralling event of “Robo Race”. The series will be held on rambling tracks offering you a chance to open up your enthusiasm for the rush of winning your bots. The fast speeds, sharp turns and exciting collisions will take place here. Be ready to have an amazing experience of viewing the efficiency, power and skills of the furious bots.



Each member from same college is not mandatory.

The robot should follow the robot specifications provided. Any deviation from the mentioned specifications will lead to disqualification.

Once the race begins, three hand touches are allowed, if your taking hand touch you have to start from last check point.

Terminals for charging the battery will not be provided in the college.

The arena may subject to change before the commencement of any round.

If the Robot crosses a checkpoint, and moves off track, then the Robot would be placed back on the previous checkpoint crossed.

The decision of the judges will be final and abiding. Argument with judges in any form will lead to the disqualification of the team

COORDINATOR -Ujjawal Sharma


Opening gateways for the techno-savvies for an unprecedented plethora of fun. It will involve one to use his gathered wisdom not only in the field of computers but also in various aspects related to general awareness and to pump up their adrenaline rush So, not just in the traditional C/C++.


The event consists of 2 rounds. Maximum no. of participants in each team: 3 Pre Round This round consists of various tasks relative to different domains. The team has to complete their tasks successfully to qualify for the next round. Final Round This round involves clash of teams qualified for the final round on the basis of their mental judgment, technical skills and quick reasoning.



Pre Round No task can be repeated. The teams cannot proceed to any random venue depending on their choice. Any misconduct would be strictly considered that would even lead to disqualification.

Final Round The rounds will consist of a question being put up to each team. Any sort of misconduct will lead to disqualification. The decision of quizmaster shall be final and binding for all.

COORDINATOR - Binay Bhadouriya


A hand on opportunity to explore and expand your imaginations. Design the machines you desire. This competition not only challenges your skills but your ingenuity and innovation along with the efficiency your model persist.


A hand on opportunity to explore and expand your imaginations. Design the machines you desire. This competition not only challenges your skills but your ingenuity and innovation along with the efficiency your model persist.



There should be proper coordination between all the team members. Complete knowledge of all the components used, should be known to the participants. Presence of all the team mates during the presentation of project, will be the validation for judgement. Marks will be allotted based on knowledge, creativity and applications of the project. Final decision making power rests with the judges.

COORDINATOR -Rajeev Ranjan


“Following the right path leads to right destination”. Keeping this in mind teams design a line follower bot which follows either the white line or the black line. The main mechanism involves sensing of a line and then following it.


Design and fabricate an autonomous vehicle capable of navigating efficiently through guided black lines on a white floor.The vehicle must be able to effectively follow the guiding path. The racers will be tested on speed and accuracy of path following. Soldering should be done properly.



Size and Weight Limits: - The maximum size of a robot is 20 x 20 cm, the maximum weight is 1.5kg. Dimensional and weight limits for robots shall be strictly enforced. Robots must have passed inspection prior to competing.

Time Limit: - A maximum of 3 minutes is allowed for a robot to complete the course. A robot that cannot complete the course in the allotted time shall be disqualified. Time shall be measured by an electronic gate system or by a judge with a stopwatch, based on the availability of equipment. In either case the recorded time shall be final. Autonomous Control :-Once a robot has crossed the starting line it must remain fully autonomous, or it will be disqualified.

Arena Edges: -A robot that wanders off of the arena surface will be disqualified. A robot shall be deemed to have left the arena when any wheel, leg, or track has moved completely off the arena surface.



Get to explore the world with new ideas and creativity. An event organized with an aim to minimise the human labour and to plough new lanes of automation. Energize yourselves to allow the current flow through your brain.


With proper soldering and connections, teams will have to exhibit their project ideas. The main objective is to bring up new and creative thoughts for a better and comfortable future.



Soldering should be as much fine as possible.

All the connections should be tight.

All the members should be present for exhibiting their project.

Members should finish their projects in specified time frame with each other’s coordination.

Each and every member should have complete information about each component used in the process of making their projects.

Decision of judges will be considered as final.

COORDINATOR - Prateek Kumar


Circuitry is the detailed plan or arrangement of an electric circuit or it is the science of designing electronic or electric circuits. Circuitry is the most important part of electronics. From bulb to microprocessors, we are surrounded by circuits. Circuits can be made in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles according to the output required.


Circuitry not only helps us to make and test the circuits available but also to try different arrangements to get a different result every time. Circuitry brings a world of new opportunities and research within it. Some experiments would work, some would fail but each experiment would definitely make one learn something new. We generally focus on how different engineering fields come together to make something but we forget about its main part or mind which is being made under circuitry.



As it is Get to explore the word with new ideas and creativity. An event organized with an aim to minimize the human labor and to plough new lanes of automation. Energize yourselves to allow the current flow through your brain .with proper soldering and connections terms will have to exhibit their project ideas. The main objective is to bring up new and creative thoughts for a better comfortable future.

COORDINATOR - Prateek Lashkara