Circuitry is the detailed plan or arrangement of an electric circuit or it is the science of designing electronic or electric circuits. Circuitry is the most important part of electronics. From bulb to microprocessors, we are surrounded by circuits. Circuits can be made in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles according to the output required.

Circuitry not only helps us to make and test the circuits available but also to try different arrangements to get a different result every time. Circuitry brings a world of new opportunities and research within it. Some experiments would work, some would fail but each experiment would definitely make one learn something new. We generally focus on how different engineering fields come together to make something but we forget about its main part or mind which is being made under circuitry.

Problem Statement

Get to explore the word with new ideas and creativity. An event organized with an aim to minimize the human labor and to plough new lanes of automation. Energize yourselves to allow the current flow through your brain .with proper soldering and connections terms will have to exhibit their project ideas. The main objective is to bring up new and creative thoughts for a better comfortable future.