Light Follower


Light follower robot is an autonomous robot which detects the light (such as the light of a flashlight) and follows the light on the travelling path. The robot has one Operational amplifier IC namely LM358 and two light detection sensor which are prepared with LDRs (light dependent resistors). The sensitivity of the sensors can be set by using the pots on each sensor circuit. The robot is activated with light. The robot moves as long as it detects the light.


LDR sensor located at the head of the robot which senses the light.


Based on the inputs received, Operational amplifier IC decide what change (if any) needs to be made to the robots speed and direction.


As the process done successfully then motor gets supply and starts moving.

Rules and Regulation

1. Size and Weight Limits:- The maximum size of a robot is 20x20 cm, the maximum weight is 1-1.5 kg. Dimensional and weight limits for robots shall be strictly enforced. Robots must have passed inspection prior to competing.

2. Time Limit:- A maximum of 3 minutes is allowed for a robot to complete the course. A robot that cannot complete the course in the allotted time shall be disqualified.

3. Timekeeping:- Time shall be measured by an electronic gate system or by a judge with a stopwatch, based on the availability of equipment. In either case the recorded time shall be final.

4. Autonomous Control:- Once a robot has crossed the starting line it must remain fully autonomous, or it will be disqualified.

5. Arena Edges:- A robot that wanders off of the arena surface will be disqualified. A robot shall be deemed to have left the arena when any wheel, leg, or track has moved completely off the arena surface.

6. Course Specifications:- There will be certain number of check points on the track, which will be informed to the participants before the start of the run. If a machine touches boundary of track, then it will be placed back on the last check point the machine has passed. Maximum voltage in the circuit should not exceed 9V at any time

7. Team size:- A team contain 2 participants minimum & 3 maximum