Robo Race


The way you enter, the way you proceed, the way you reveal your speed to others begins here at the enthralling event of “Robo Race”. The series will be held on rambling tracks offering you a chance to open up your enthusiasm for the rush of winning your bots. The fast speeds, sharp turns and exciting collisions will take place here. Be ready to have an amazing experience of viewing the efficiency, power and skills of the furious bots.

Rules and Regulation

1. The dimension of bot should not exceed 20x20x20 cm3 (L*B*H).Non adherence to the dimensions will lead to outright ousting from the event with no exceptions.

2. The minimum width of the bot should be 15 cm.

3. The weight of the robot should not exceed 2 Kg.

4. Every team will be given only one chance to run their machine on the track

5.The robot will be judged on basis of (in priority):-

i. Time to complete the track.

ii. Number of checkpoints cleared

Team Size :- 3-4 Members per team

Expenditure :- Rs. 4500-5000