Sniper Elite


One needs to build a manually controlled robot capable of traversing over irregular terrains with deep gaps in between, by crossing and bridging them and pick up the object from the accident zone and Throw it or aim to target.

The moves and throw shall be quick to stand a chance.

It’s all about patience and moves. The more tactful your strategy is, higher are the chances to hit the bull’s eye. Use these prime factors to build up your moves and ensure your victory. The bot should be designed such that it does not damage the arena. The team comprises of 4 members.

Rules and Regulation

1. Design a manual boat capable of crossing any type of terrain. Robot specifications.

2. The robot, while starting on the track, should be a maximum size of 25cm x 30cm.

3. It should be wired.

4. Only one robot is allowed for team.

5. Team size is 4.

6. The time and penalty given by volunteers will be considered.

7. The maximum permissible weight for the robot is 8 kilograms.

8. The robot shall undergo strict weight and dimension checking. If it violates the above specifications, it shall be disqualified.

9. The participants are solely responsible for the safety of their robots and equipment .The organisers are not responsible for any incidents/accidents caused by participants or their equipment.

10. The Width of the track will be 40cm & can be reduced to 30 in midst of arena.

11. The track of arena will be shown on the day of event.