Tug of Bots

Problem Statement

Use your creative mind to design and build a robot that will pull another robot when connected with a string in a tug of war contest across a centre line.

Rules and Regulation

1. The machine should fit in a 25cm x 25cm x 20cm (Length x Width x Height) size of dimension box

2. The weight of the robot must not exceed 1kg.

3. Readymade base of machine will not be allowed (Readymade wheels, Motor, battery, switch, wires can be used).

4. The potential difference between any two points of circuit should not exceed 11.1V.

5. The current in the circuit must not exceed 2A

6. The machine must contain a Tow-bar that allows tow string to be connected to them.

7. A robot may have its own string to connect to the tow-string between the robots, which may be useful for some kind of reel-like device. However, this string and any hook or tow bar attached to it are considered to be part of the robot.

8. There is no limitation on the number of motors and rpm of motors to be used.