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Home security has been a concern of worldwide. As the technology is emerging every second, abundant home based security systems have been developed and implemented to keep their welfare safe. Home security system is an essential mean of protecting our home from illegal invasion. A conventional home security system consists of a Closed Circuit Television, CCTV and burglar alarm. CCTV captures video in 24 hour to identify what goes on around the house and in the house as well as get a hold of the evidence if there is a house breaking around the captured areas. Burglar alarm acts as the tool to alert the house owners and their neighbors. In a dditional, it may also chase away the burglar as the system may emit a high frequency sound wave. Nevertheless, the memory consumption is considerably large as the camera keeps recording non-stop. The power onsumption is considered as a concern of installing a security system. In this project, a multilevel home security system that sends alert messages to the house owner and police station has also been designed, developed and validated. Section 2 introduces the background of the project. Section 3 introduces an overview of MHSS. Section 4 and 5 discusses the system implementation and hardware & circuit testing respectively. Section 6 makes the conclusions of the project as well as highlights the future work.


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