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This project is a work on Macromedia Dreamweaver CS3. This project is basically a desktop application used to do registration on-the-spot. It basically deals with university website in which work on student profile teacher profile & advance result system & advance attendance system. Now-a-days every work is off-paper this in paper saving and time too. Obviously getting entries filled in a register is time consuming and then getting a passport size photo attached to it and then later it becomes a heck to find out a single entry of a person, so the website will provide an easy handling of the records of 1000s. The application used in this website provides counter information of attendee and the particulars are LOGIN PAGE, a page to CHANGE PASSWORD, the main REGISTRATION MASTER, also the SEARCH MASTER, etc. To overcome all these problems we propose to make an automated system which can be used as a website by various organizations all over the world to generate an easy way of handling the entries.


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  • 2014

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