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Customers may have complaints about its products. They will be given an product id for each product, where they can send complaint based on the product id when they find a fault product. The complaints can be assigned to different persons and will get tracked t closure. The Complaint Management System (CMS) software is a dependent application. It is a self-contained product. The traditional forum system consists of public meeting or presentation involving a discussion usually among experts and often including audience participation. In general the forums may belong to specific issues like WAP forum, MATH forum, Economic forum, Freedom forum, Software forum etc. In particular, Consumer Forum deals with customer rights against vendors or the manufactures of the faulty products . Everything is done in more formal and efficient manner. This system acts as an interface between the customers and call engineers thereby enabling them to forward their complaints to the appropriate call engineer. Hence, making the work easy for both the complaint raiser and the person who resolves the complaint. Here, in complaint tracking, it fulfils different requirements of administrator and customer more efficiently.


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