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Learning management Systems (LMS) are a diverse group of software designed to support education in network environments. It provides an integrated platform for content, delivery and management of learning as well as accessibility by a range of users that may include learners, content creators and teachers. LMS are widely used in educational institutions around the world. With the phenomenal growth of information, increased student diversity Learning management Systems are student-centered models rather than traditional transmission model. Transition from a classroom-based environment to an online learning environment is challenging in best of circumstances but with the advancement of technology and increased use of internet people are preferring LMS. Not only students but also teachers can benefit from LMS. They can refer to enormous content available and can also keep a track of studentís activity. LMS can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Apart from that LMS has got various options to test your ability like one can take tutorials/test. There is also a place or forum for teachers and students to interact and to conclude LMS has made studying effective Keywords: LMS (Learning Management System)


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