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Virtual reality lets participants draw anything with real time equipment on the projection screen making it a shared drawing canvas. The goal of the interactivity is to give the participants contemplative aesthetic experiences by drawing on the screen. The project is developed with an aim to establish Virtual classroom and various other interactive applications like usage of Google maps, Photosynth, coollris, sketchbook pro, note taking, virtual gaming, projecting a computer screen on any solid surface except any reflecting surface like mirror. The project is based on the concepts of VIRTUAL REALITY. The devices to be integrated in the project are projector, laptop/pc, Wii remote, infra-red sensors. Computer screen will be projected on any solid surface and Wii remote will be placed on the screen and at the corner of the screen LED sensors are attached which detect the colored strip put on the fingers and then we can work on it with the help of fingers. The Virtual Cyberspace-II that is to be developed provides the users of the system to use the projector screen as a real screen to use the system directly. This is done with the help of Wii remote and controlling all the actions using tracking fingers. The system allows the user to use the projected screen for controlling the system. The user has to use IR reflective tapes on fingers for performing all the actions. For using the multitudinous functionality user has to use more than one IR tapes. Bluetooth connection is required in order to establish the connection between system and Wii remote. System requires a projector for projecting the screen on any solid surface like wall. Using this system user can give interactive presentations. The system uses Wii remote for capturing all the actions performed using IR sensors and mapping it to the system. The users of the system can use various image processing applications. The user can also use Google maps directly.


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