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ZipTasky is a system which connects freelancers with contractors. Contractors are the people willing to get a work done and freelancers are the people willing to work. Freelancers have benefits in form of choice and flexibility of work besides getting the market easily while sitting at their home in cost effective manner. Similarly contractors can get the work done in cost effective manner as per their choice and without getting into the trap of intermediates. Contractors can post a project on the website along with its description, budget and deadlines which can be viewed by various freelancers registered on the website. Freelancers can place a bid on the project. The contractor can choose freelancer by viewing their profile, conducting an interview, information provided by the freelancer in their profile. This system facilitates negotiations between both the parties on terms and conditions of work to be done. This system provides feature of ratings of freelancers and conduct tests to certify their credentials. Overall it is helping Indian youth to get the jobs in a self employment style by helping them in getting freelancing job opportunities which they can convert into a full business in future.


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