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SPARK(Simple Prescription for Anatomical Remedies Key) is an Artificial Intelligent based Expert System which provides household tips and remedies for the medical problems to sufferers at his home in emergency when there is no medical help is available. It features fine tuning and the acquisition of updated advices agreeing the opinions of its consultants. This system can assist the decision making involved in the selection of appropriate therapy for patients with infections and recommendation for Allopathic Medicines. It also facilitates doctors with clinical decision-making. This increase in objective reasoning should lead to the reduction of human errors and improvements in the quality of care. Causal explanation of what is happening to the patient is the basis of complete diagnosis. Predictions about the disease processing are the base for therapy and suggesting medical relief. The process of decision making is based on identifying the criteria (Signs / Symptoms) before a feasible goal (Diagnosis) is identified. Then as a consequence of the earlier decision (Diagnosis) evaluation of the intervention procedures adopted (Treatment plan). Finally an appraisal of the possible final goal (outcome i.e. recovery).


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