C Projects
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On this project we describe the processing of working of ATM .In this we had given different choices to the user according to there requirement like balance checking, transactions, credit transfer etc.This project is based on the concept of switch statement, looping, file handling etc.


Project deals with the management of an ATM , it operates with account number and pin of the user and then displays detail of the account. It includes the facility of money transaction , tranfer , balance checking and mini statement etc.


Based on the model of working of Automatic Tailer Machine, it can be used for transaction , money tranfer , balance checking , mini statement etc. the concepts like file handling is used to manage the data.


Using an ATM, customers can access their bank deposit or credit accounts in order to make a variety of transactions such as cash withdrawals, check balances, or credit mobile phones. If the currency being withdrawn from the ATM is different from that in which the bank a.........

ATM Machine and Billing Machinne

An Atm machine which can support multiple transactions at one swipe . A basic use of whie loop and for loop . Another project was based on file handling , which give record of present and past sales . It involved a basic use of graphics with file handling to make it look attractive.

Bank Management

Structure , file handling , graphics , functions , switch etc are the concepts used in our project. Our sotware performs all functions of Bank management system and performs the work of creating account , deleting account , transaction , changing password etc. and it .........

Banking System

In this project we show that how banking software works,we included all the facilities like withdrawl,recharge,bill payment and all the other facilities .It is only the offline representation of banking services.

Cab Management

The is used to book the cab by user and Payments are done through credit card . Electronic Bill is also generated in our sotware and it is also password secure . Admin account is protected by password . User have to first create an id before booking cab and then the us.........

College Library

College library project tell us about issuing a book in library.This project includes issue details, book detail,due date,issuing date etc . And includes all other information regarding to issuing a book in library.

College Library

We created a library management system with we can search book issue them and read about issue details.It was password protected and had a two user system


General Education Development (GED) System provides a cost effective, easy to access online environment to the student, faculty and employee for the purpose of education to all. This let us to overcome from the problem of insufficient number or no institutes at all in s.........

Hospital Management System

This project is all about hospital and its management.This project is to manage the employees including doctors,patients,wards and hospital services provided in a renounced hospital.This program also provide immediate accessories needed while the hospital management .Th.........

Hospital Reception

A digital hopital reseption was created with a facility to admit patienrt and view all details of it related to its desease , age , blood group , money etc.

Hospital Reception desk

The program developed had the facilities that are in concideration of an actual hospital reception desk coputer which had the feature of entry deletion,appointment checking etc.

Hostel Gate and Student Entry System

The concept of the project os based on the hostal gate entry where whole paper based gate entry of hostellers is now done with this application.Wather a student going out for general porpose for leave.Date base is managed by using file system.

Hostel Management

This project was based on the hostel management system.It stores the detail of the student and provide information of a particular student by using its room number.We have used concept of file handling,input outout funtion,graphics etc.

Hostel Management

The program is use to enter the details of the room occupied in the hostel. In which you can search of the detail of the students by any means like room no. , name,registration no. ,college etc.Its aslo use to uptade the data of the student .

Hotel Management

Project contains the basic requirement to run a hotel like customer detail ,room detail,search some query.The concept of looping and file handling is used and it also contains some graphics which make it effective.

Hotel Management

Hotel Management System provides the full management system of Hotel . In our sotware we provide the facility to record the information of the guests , their arrival and departure details , room information and the complete work of a receptionist . Structure , file han.........

Hotel Management System

Our project is about managing the hotel system in which we provide rooms to guest and provide facility to them and take their information for allocate the room. All the informations about the guests are stored in our sotware in a secured manner and only hotel manager ca.........

Hotel Management System

Our project was all about hotal management which included room allocation and dealocation and about room detail wether it is available or not.Our project also included restourent facility

Hotel Management System

This project was based on the hotel management system.We are developing is a web-based management system designed as a promary tool doing the main and admin tasks for every hotel.The project is developed with the hope of us to bring the friendliest and most efficient w.........


To develop an android based automated system for hotel that would reduce number of employees, paper work and makes the servicing faster. The system would enable a customer to order food items directly from the table without waiters assistance via an android device. The ordered items would directly reached to the kitchen to the chef

Liberary Management System

This project was about liberary management system . It contains various options like display book, details add new book etc. It kept record about who ishue a book and when it was issue.

Library Management

In this project the impliment all the things some of like -add new book,search books,issue book,delete books,update book,that shows all the information of the student when we will issue the book with date and we also impliment the graphics in our programs and many more thing .This program is very useful and easy to handle.

Phone Book

A substitution of old times record maintaining method in which user can save there information related to there contact digitally.All the important contacts like police station,hospital,fire station,railway station etc are stored in our software.Graphics are provided to make it effective.

Railway Management System

The program is written in such a way that there are both admin and user. The admin will enter the detail of the trains and station , and the user can access those details . The data will be further updated through the admin. The facility of Ticket Reservation, cancilation , time table of train is also provided in our system.

Railway Reservation

This system is bascically concerned with the reservation and cancellation of railway tickets to the passangers . The need of this system arose because as is the known fact that India has the largest railway network in the whole of the world and to handle it manually is.........

Restaurant Management System

We propose to build a software project that can efficient handle and manage various activities of a restaurant and all these activities will be happening under the supervision of the administrator.The businesses in restaurant are now growing constantly.At the same time,the need of managing its operation and task arises.

School Management System

School management system modular application,the core offering covering storing basic school data with modules available to handle (among other thing ) legal registration,the recording of achivements and sanctions and the management and documantation of examination. The.........

Shopping Mall Billing System

This project can be basically for the billing system for a mall or super market including the feature of adding,deleting,updating,view products,generate bill,delete a bill.Along with the deep initialization of graphics been implimented in it to make it attractive and well maintained.

Student Marksheet

My project Student Marksheet is a presentation of complete layout of student marksheet using various concepts like file handling , functions , structure , looping etc. It include presentation of student name , reg. no. , roll no. , fathers name, enrollment no. , marks t.........


It is a Sudoku game created in C, which allows the user to play Sudoku with different options included in the game. Application provides enhanced user interface.

Super Market Bill Generation

This program is usefull in the super markets like big bazar etc for the purpose of an accurate bill generation.This program takes customer id and number of item as input and deduct the cost of items from customer market card.

Tele-communication Management

This project can be use to do transection in several accounts made by user,secured with a password and every account contening name,costomer id,email id,password,and a opption of modification of account based on paasword

Transport Management Program

This c program is for managing transport bus servies , it contains the detailof bus drivers,route , no. of student is bus , details of every student and every bus driver.

Voting Machine

It consist of a program that is used to enter a party detail, to show detail of all detail of all parties,to search information about a particular party,to vote any party and to show the final result of voting and declare who is the winner.The concept used are file handling,structure, funtion,nested loop.