Rules and Regulation

Maximum team size should be 4.

The Dimension of the bots should not exceed 350mm X 350mm X 350mm (l x b x h).

Each team should have two bots - Goal Keeper and Striker.

Grabbing / Gripping of ball is not permitted.

Faliure to maintain bot dimensions will lead to disqualifiactions / penalty before starting the match.

Damaging of the arena is not permitted, if done so, points will be deducted.

The battery being used in the match cannot be replaced before the end of the match.

The points will only be awarded when the ball enters into the goal post.

If any technical error arises in the bot then two minutes will be given to the respected team (only one time per match) .

A special bonus points will be awarded to the respective team who goals in first 10 seconds.

If after the technical error time out, still the problem persist (immobility of bot) then 30 seconds will be provided. If still the bot does not work the respected team will be disqualified.

The duration of match will be 10 minutes.

Grabbing / Gripping of bot is also not allowed during the match.