About Us

TECHVAULT is a technical initiative of Poornima College of Engineering which aims to provide you relevant results for your search in projects under a single roof. At Techvault we ensure that the search is optimized and users spent quality time. This forum basically focuses on providing a platform for exchanging information about all the projects developed and represented by the students in various inter college events of Poornima Group.

The word GRID targets the network of all the three colleges Poornima College of Engineering(PCE), Poornima Institute of Engineering and Technology(PIET) and Poornima Group of Institutions(PGI), so that all the channels of Poornima Group(PG) connect for not only better but the best results. Similarly CREATION implies to the diligence that every student puts in, to give outstanding results. The Grid of Creation is here to recognise the work and to make sure that the success story reaches to every Poornimite.

The knowledge here is free of cost to your eyes , now it is upto you whether you take it in your mind or not. Precisely we want this website to connect all the channels of Poornima Group so that students of PCE,PIET and PGI as well, to discuss their technical ideas and interact in a way in near future.

Our vision is to reconize the applied intelligence of a student and take it to every corner of PF. In addition to recognition we also create a network for showcasing the talents of young minds. And eventually we see this website to be a Lifeline of Poornima Group connecting every channel.

Our mission is to bring in hands the ideas involved and evolved in thinking and making of projects.The 3D plan of action is Dedication, Devotion and Discrimination done in the right Direction. Our Mission includes following:

  • To Create Platform for Engineering projects
  • To Build a Network between Campuses
  • To Showcase Hidden Talent of Engineers
  • To Provide Experts Details
  • To Visualize Past and Future Creations

Our special thanks to Sh. Shashikant Singhi, Chairman Poornima Group (PG) for his paramount support. We also thank our poornima family for helping us in collecting information and giving us valuable guidence.